Small business finance

The Business Blood Supply Line

Without a healthy financial situation, it is difficult to envisage a company operating as a sound commercial undertaking. A business without a sound financial footing can be synonymous to a car with insufficient fuel to boost its engines. It simply cannot last long. It can be safely argued that financing a business can be a very serious obstacle to the smooth operation of a start-up business. Owners should therefore have sound financial strategies planned out and put in place before even thinking of starting a business. Some of these funding strategies are discussed below:

The Inevitable Loan

Most start-up business operators will face the problem of having sufficient funds to start their business. In most, if not all of these cases, entrepreneurs will turn to taking out a loan to strengthen their financial position. It is critical to select the most appropriate agencies that do offer loans but in most cases, even the Small Business Administration (SBA) loan will not favour funding start-ups

Product Presales Can be

Rather than get tied down to loan repayments at the very start of a long and precarious business path, many small business owners have opted to raise funds by conducting product presales. This smart and very effective approach does away with loan repayments and syphon in the cash for building a business for scratch. Presales of this type have been known to rake in £50,000

The ‘Fall Back On’ Approach

Low or no interest payments are usually attached to loans taken from friends and family that can also become a dependable resource that can be drawn on when you are contemplating to start a small business. However, even friends and family members need to be convinced of the surety of your business venture before they part with their wealth. Have a strong case ready for them.

The ‘Funding On the Side’ Approach

There’s everything to gain from the generating of funds for the sole purpose of raising funds for a start-up business. There are so many fund generating ventures on computer these days it’s quite likely you’ll come across one that will suit your abilities and from which you can start generating funds for starting your small business.

The Bottom Line

There are many more fund generating possibilities but the important thing to remember is there are those that tie you down to repayments and those that don’t. Being a start-up business, and a small one at that, it is not difficult to decide on which to choose. Perhaps when your business can stand on its own, it may then be able to absorb the load of repayments.

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